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Wed, Aug 20  

Choosing The Right Cane

• Cane handle should be even with the hip joint
• Non-adjustable canes can be cut at the lower end to suit the individual
• Remove the rubber tip, mark the correct length and cut with a saw
• 1/4" should be allowed for the thickness on the bottom of the tip
• Client's elbow should have a 25-30 degree flex

Standard Cane or a Quad Cane
• Standard Cane - For those who need the most minimal degree of support and stability. Available in a variety of handle styles.
• Quad Cane - For those with a limited mobility, but who need a more stable cane. A swan neck handle places weight more evenly over the base.

Specialty Handles
• Round Handle Style - Provides support with a traditional style handle.
• Derby Style - Distributes weight more evenly for additional support.
• Orthopedic Style - Directs weight along the shaft for additional support.
• Offset Style - Distributes weight more evenly over the base and offers a large, comfortable grip.
• Palm Grip handle style - molded handle design that evenly distributes body weight over the surface of the handle. These canes are much more comfortable than standard cane handles. They work really well for people experiencing carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis.

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