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Sat, Aug 23  


Wheelchairs are an integral part of a home healthcare program. A wheelchair has a basic function, although there are many styles and accessories to suit the special needs of each individual. There are many factors which contribute to choosing the appropriate chair: The size and weight of the client, the type of disability and the client's living and working conditions. Choosing the correct size of wheels and casters depends on the amount of time the client will be using the chair indoors and out. Amputees must have their chair adjusted to a lower centre of gravity. A client may be confined to a wheelchair for an extensive period of time, therefore comfort as well as the appearance of the chair are very important.

Before starting any measurements, make sure the wheelchair is on a firm, flat surface locking the wheels into place. If the customer has decided to have a pressure relief seat or back cushion, these should be in place when measuring.

When measuring for a seat width you must leave a minimum 1 " clearance on either side of the user. The user should be measured across the widest part of their hips or thighs while in a sifting position.

With the user sitting in the chair, measure from the inside of the bent knee to the back of the buttocks. Leave a 2" to 3" clearance between the edge of the seat and the back of the knee (approximately four fingers).

The user should be measured from the back side of the bent knee to the heel. Leave a 1 " to 2" clearance between the back of the knee and the seat. Make sure the footplate is 2" above the floor.

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