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Walkers offer greater mobility for those with a more serious degree of instability. A walker is used when canes or crutches are not sufficient. Adult walkers come in two basic styles: folding and rigid (non-folding). The non-folding walker is used inside for a short period of time, usually following surgery. Although they serve the same purpose, the folding walker will close to approximately 3-1/2" for easier storage or travel. It has a self-locking mechanism that will lock when the walker is opened, making it impossible to fold on its own. Auto-stop wheels, freerolling wheels, glide brakes, and baskets are some of the additional accessories that can be purchased for these walkers, making them very versatile.

Starting with both feet together, lift the walker and push forward a few centimetres making sure the walker remains parallel to the ground at all times. Once the walker is set down, the client steps into the open portion of the walker so that the leading foot is even with the back legs of the walker. Repeat steps.

Walkers come in three basic heights from a variety of manufacturers: standard adult, junior, and paediatric. They all come equipped with adjustable legs. In most cases, the height should be adjusted to provide a 30 degree bend at the elbow, when the hands are grasping the handles.

Rollators are known as the key to your customers' independence. These walkers give clients the ability to go anywhere, as they all come equipped with seats, for when fatigue sets in, locking brakes for absolute safety and baskets for parcels. Backrests have become one of the most popular features that make rollators an even safer, more comfortable product. Rollators usually come in two seat heights: standard and low. The handles are height-adjustable using the same rule of thumb (approximately 30 degrees of flexion at the elbow).


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