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Crutches are available in several styles. They are made of wood or aluminum and come in adult, junior and child lengths. They are all adjustable.
Proper use of crutches is very important ' The user's weight is borne on the hands, not under the arm. The top of the crutch should rest against the chest wall 1-1/2" to 2" below the armpit. The position of the handgrips should result in a 25 to 30 degree flex in the elbow when relaxed. When the user pushes down and raises their weight off the floor, arms should be almost straight. Crutches also require tips with a reinforced metal washer inside.

To obtain the required overall length of the crutch follow these steps: 1 . Measure two inches (5 cm) to the side of the foot at toe level. Mark this point. 2. From that point, measure six inches forward, mark again. 3. Measure from under the client's arm to the second mark and deduct two inches (5 cm).

NOTE: The client should be standing on a flat, firm surface and should be wearing proper shoes. Finally, for the client's safety, all nuts and bolts should be checked and tightened when measuring is completed. These should also be checked periodically.

Forearm crutches are constructed of aluminum, making them easier and lighter to handle. The metal arm cuff encircles the forearm. The cuffs can be front or side opening, and should be adjustable. They are available in youth and adult sizes. When the cuff is properly fitted, the user should be able to use his or her hand without having the crutch fall to the floor. For measuring forearm crutches, follow steps one and two as specified at left (measuring for crutches), then ask the user to clench his or her fist and bend the elbow 30 degrees. Measure from the clenched fist to the second mark on the floor - there is no need to deduct two inches in this calculation. Again, once the measurements are completed, check that the spring lock buttons are securely locked into place.

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