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Sat, Aug 30  

Skin Care Tips

Walsh's Carries the Cosmetic Products
You Want. Spend some quality face time.
Face to Face.

Keeping on top of all the various facial beauty products on the market can be daunting. Every week something new comes out; something better. Keeping your skin healthy and fresh can be just as daunting, and deciding which product suits you can be a difficult task. Cover-up, powder, foundation, or blush–these are all products that vary in use and style for different people. Talk to your Rexall™ beauty advisor, our experts; they'll make life easier and keep your face radiant and glowing in no time! We have a full selection of makeup, skin creams, foundations and other beauty essentials.

Beauty Tip:
Maintaining Balance
Maintaining a balance of moisture for your skin is important. Applying a weekly facial mask is an excellent way to keep this balance; a mask can provide the super-deep moisture that your face requires from time to time.
Beauty Tip:
Sunscreen Protection
If you're out and about with makeup on, remember to apply sunscreen. This is a must in order to provide protection for your skin, and it'll prevent ultraviolet exposure and damage.
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