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Good nutrition recommendations are constantly being updated as scientists discover more about how different foods and food ingredients affect our health.

Health and Welfare Canada recommend the following guidelines for healthy eating:

• Enjoy a variety of foods. Emphasize cereals, breads, other grain products and fruits and vegetables.

• Choose lower fat dairy products, leaner meats and foods prepared with little or no fats.

• Achieve and maintain a healthy body weight by enjoying regular physical activity and healthy eating. 

• Limit salt, alcohol and caffeine.

Canada's Food Guide to Healthy Eating translates nutrient sources into food choices. It says we require a variety of nutrients; protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals found in the four major food groups: Grain Products, Milk Products, Vegetables and Fruit, Meat and Alternatives* (* Dried peas, beans, lentils nuts and seeds)

Follow the Good Nutrition Rule-of-Three:

BALANCE Each food group provides key nutrients. For healthiest results, enjoy a variety of foods from each group every day.

 MODERATION Foods aren't simply good or bad. No food should be eaten in unlimited quantities. There are no foods you need to avoid completely (unless, of course, you are allergic, or already on a restricted diet). Moderation is the rule.

VARIETY Nutritional needs vary with age, sex and lifestyle. So choose the number of servings from each group (and portion sizes) recommended by your dietitian.


Infant Formulas and Meal Replacements

The following material is nutritional information regarding Infant Formulas and Meal Replacements: Infant Formula choices: In the first six months of life, a healthy baby will double its birth weight - and triple it by the end of the first year. During this period of rapid growth, a baby's digestive system undergoes many changes. Breast feeding is the preferred choice for your infant. After breast feeding, or while supplementing, or if you have elected not to breast feed,

MEAD JOHNSON NURITIONALS has a complete line of infant formulas designed to meet every baby's needs and. each baby's uniqueness. The Canadian Pediatric Society recommends against the introduction of cow's milk until at least 9 to 12 months of age. ENFALAC and ENFALAC WITH IRON are gentle on baby's digestive system and provides all the protein, fats and carbohydrates necessary for baby's good growth and development.

ENFALAC NEXT STEP is specifically formulated to meet the changing nutritional needs of babies aged six months and older who have started on solid foods but aren't yet ready for cow's milk.


Lactose Intolerance and Allergies:

Lactose is the main sugar found in milk and routine formulas. All babies are born with the ability to digest this milk sugar. But some babies may develop a feeding intolerance and become sensitive to lactose. A baby who does not tolerate lactose may have mild diarrhea or often spit up after drinking a regular milk-based formula. That's when a lactose-free formula such as ENFALAC LACTOSE FREE becomes an important option. ENFALAC LACTOSE FREE formulation clears up the majority of common feeding intolerances.

A family history of any allergy may result in your baby developing a milk protein allergy or intolerance. PROSOBEE or ENFALAC SOY are soy-based formulas from MEAD JOHNSON NUTRITIONALS - either are ideal formulas to start and stay with for milk allergy.


BOOST 'All the Nutrition, All the Taste" BOOST, the health way to fill the hunger gap. Whether you're running late, working late, or working out, BOOST has what it takes to help keep you going. BOOST is a sensible alternative for people who, for different reasons, don't always eat properly. BOOST provides all the nutrition of a well balanced meal in a single serving. It can be used between meals as a healthy snack when time doesn't allow you to eat properly. BOOST is available in two convenient formats: BOOST Shakes, BOOST Plus Calories Shakes, and BOOST with fibre Shakes

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