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Fri, Aug 29  

Walsh’s Pharmacy History

Walsh’s…Our Story.

2012, marked the 60th Anniversary of Walsh’s Pharmacy.

Founded by John Walsh in 1952, Walsh’s Pharmacy has been a staple in the Village of Arthur for 60 years. John enlisted in World War II and served on the minesweeper H.M.C.S. Wallaceburg on convoy duty in the North Atlantic.

On discharge he served a 3 year apprenticeship in Douglas Drugstore in Arthur followed by 2 years at the College of Pharmacy in Toronto, graduating in 1952.

Later that year he was able to purchase the inventory and fixtures of Russells’ Pharmacy, which was located where the L&M parking lot is today.

The business continued to grow and in 1955 John built a much larger store further north on George Street. This was to be the location of the Pharmacy for the next 53 years, during which time 2 separate additions were added as the business continued to expand.

Carrying on the family profession and business tradition, John’s son, Joe, who had been involved in the family business since elementary school, entered the University of Manitoba in 1980, and graduated from the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy in 1991.

In 1992, after 41 years as Arthur’s principal pharmacist, John sold the business to his son Joe and wife Cheryl, who have continued to operate this second generation business to
the present day.

John Walsh's interest in the local history has led to him publishing three books "Memories of Arthur & Area" Volumes I
II and III.
Over 1000 copies have been sold at a price of $20 each with the proceeds to the Arthur and Area Historical Society.
The books are available at Walsh's Pharmacy

In 2008, the business again had to expand further, and the decision was made to move into a new, vastly larger, location at 200 George Street, and the store’s present location. Currently, the 6030 square foot store offers a full range of products and services providing a one-stop shopping environment for those in the Wellington North area, and beyond.

In order to serve the ever expanding needs and expectations of a growing community, Walsh’s Pharmacy carries a broad range of products- from baby needs, non-prescription medicines and remedies, to hair and skin care products. Additionally, and to meet the customer demand, product categories like cosmetics, stationery, greeting cards, giftware, snacks, and an ever-increasing assortment of Home Health Care products, were expanded to meet the changing demographic.

The role of the pharmacist has changed over the decades also, and Walsh’s Pharmacy has expanded facilities and upgraded services to meet those demands and expectations.

Today’s patients are no longer satisfied with simply having their prescriptions filled, together with the required accurate, concise, and adequate information. Since many of today’s prescription drug products contain more than one active ingredient, customers need information about what food and beverages to avoid, and what drugs they should not take with their other medications.

And just as the role of the pharmacist has changed, so too has the medication selection which is maintained in a modern pharmacy. Expanded use of generic pharmaceuticals provides substantial cost savings to payers.

A selection of patient information pamphlets and other medical information is readily available in-store, with other patient self-information is provided with time-saving, efficiency-improving devices like pill counters, and computerized prescription filling, technology improvements continue to be introduced and upgraded regularly.

However, despite all the business growth and physical changes, one element remains the same- Walsh’s prompt, friendly service remains our constant, our standard.

At Walsh’s Pharmacy, we’re proud of our small town roots, and even as we expand our product and service offerings, and extend our reach onto the Internet, we will continue to bring with us the same friendly attitudes and profession standards that John Walsh began in 1952.

If you’re ever in the neighbourhood, why not stop in for a visit.  Walsh’s Pharmacy…experience the difference. We’re more than…you might imagine.

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